Stay ahead of the curve with LiverScan’s cutting-edge NAFLD screening

Support employee wellbeing and add a FibroScan onto an annual medicals for your employees

Liver Scans for Companies

We can provide onsite corporate scan days where our expert team can scan your employees by visiting your office.  Alternatively, we can offer a tailored experience for your team at our clinic on Howe Street in Edinburgh. For more details, please contact us using the corporate booking contact form and we will get back in touch to discuss your requirements.

These are some of the benefits:

Early detection

A FibroScan examination can detect liver disease at an early stage, allowing for early intervention and treatment to prevent further liver damage. Early detection can also lead to better health outcomes and potentially reduce healthcare costs for both employees and employers.



Risk assessment

Some employees may be at an increased risk of liver disease due to factors such as their diet, medication use, or alcohol consumption. Adding a FibroScan examination to an annual medical can help assess their risk of liver disease and to take appropriate action.

Employee health and wellbeing

Adding a FibroScan examination to an annual medical can help demonstrate an employer’s commitment to employee health and wellbeing. By providing comprehensive healthcare assessments, employers can help identify and address health issues that may impact employee performance and productivity.


Compliance with regulations

Depending on the industry or location, there may be regulations requiring certain medical assessments for employees. Adding a FibroScan examination to an annual medical can help employers comply with these regulations and ensure their employees’ health and safety.

If you are concerned about your liver health, we are here to help. Book your FibroScan today



Yes, we aim for individuals to be empowered to take control of their own health and would be delighted to work with companies that want to provide their employees with the option of an annual FibroScan. Simply fill in the corporate inquiry form via the ‘Book Now’ button, and we will be in touch.

The FibroScan machine is portable so we can come to you. If we have a minimum of 10 employees, we can block out the day, pack up our equipment and come on site. All we need is a private room and we will be prepared with everything else. This makes it quick and simple for everyone.

We suggest wearing clothing which allows easy access to the abdomen. Dresses or jumpsuits may pose difficulties for some.

It is also recommended that you fast for a minimum of 3 hours before the FibroScan examination. This can help improve the accuracy and reliability of the results. When you consume a meal, especially a fatty meal, it can lead to increased blood flow to the liver and cause transient changes in liver stiffness. Fasting helps ensure that the liver is in a stable state, reducing potential variations in the measurements.

You will lie down in a supine position (on your back), with your right arm raised above your head. A gel will be applied to the skin surface of the right upper abdomen. A small, handheld probe will be placed on your skin, and once the correct location is determined, the probe will emit a low frequency vibration. It feels like a small tap on your abdomen, and this will be repeated 10 times. The whole process will take about 15 minutes.

Results will be discussed with the employee at the end of the consultation plus they will receive an email within 24 hours with a secure link with an electronic version. We advise this is downloaded and shared with their GP or specialist. If the individual employee consents, we can also email a copy directly to the employer.